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October – Metso Outotec acquires the Lippmann Group. Manufacturing continued in Milwaukee, Peterborough, and Ireland.

2022-01-03T13:49:04-06:00January 29, 2021|


Rock Industries Machinery Corp. fell on hard times and was purchased by the current owners of Lippmann Milwaukee. Since 1976 the Gabriel family changed the name to Lippmann-Milwaukee, Inc. 

2021-02-10T23:56:17-06:00January 29, 2021|


Edward Lippmann split and formed a new company called Rock Industries Machinery Corp.

2021-02-10T23:58:31-06:00January 29, 2021|


Litton Industries moved their operation to Columbia, SC. Litton Industries sold back the original operation to Edward Lippmann and one of his sons.

2021-02-10T23:57:50-06:00January 29, 2021|


Hewitt Robbins and Lippmann Engineering Works were purchased by Litton Industries

2021-02-10T23:57:30-06:00January 29, 2021|

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